Welcome Everyone!

Welcome HereMy first post…it’s so exciting!  Have you ever gotten so busy in everyday life that you forget what comes next?  Or what you had planned to do “next”?

Not very long ago I was rushing around the house muttering about not being able to get a design done I had been wanting to do just for me…and that I needed to upload 50 million things to a website…and that I really really wanted to list a new product on Facebook but couldn’t find the time.

You know who made the reality check?  My hubby! He waited until I was done (or at least ran out of breath) and asked me if I remembered what I had said I wanted to do next a long time ago.  I had to think about it but it came to me and the realization that I had not even started on it hit me…and it made me sad.

We talked, well I talked it out and he listened, and I saw it clearly:  I needed to do what I had planned on doing next a long time ago.  This meant leaving a fairly new position that I loved with a design team that is awesome and the income that generated. It also meant rearranging my time and focus in different areas.  So I  jumped!

In case you haven’t guessed this is what I had planned on “Doing Next!”  Passing on knowledge, sharing ideas and encouraging people to make the best businesses they can! I am glad you are here!  You will find at least something worth reading I hope!



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