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3 Steps to Improved Sales on Facebook Using Google Forms!

google.pngHave you heard of  Google Forms?  Some of you have used Google Sheets and Google Docs which are free to use with a Google account which is also free to set up.  If you go to the main landing page you will see that they also have an option called Forms!  This is a LIFE CHANGER for keeping track of orders especially when selling on Facebook!  Here are 3 quick easy steps to help you get started!

Step 1:

Create the form and put it somewhere your customers will use it:

I know that when I started selling on Facebook, specifically in Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade groups, one of my main issues was how to keep track of orders.  If you post a hot item the responses on the post can come super fast and keeping track of who wants what can be challenging.  Even if you are having people send you PMs (Private Messages) Facebook currently does not have anyway for you to sort those so it can still be confusing!  I tried a spreadsheet, pen and paper and even printing the thread through screen was all a mess and was not efficient.  Efficiency makes you MORE MONEY! Why?  Because your time is money (more on this when we talk about pricing your work in future post.)

So you can set up a form!  Here is a sample form that I created for you that gives you an idea of what it will look like when your customer sees it.  There are several question types you can use depending what options you need to offer your customers.  Go on over and look at the sample.  There are explanations and tips in the form itself as well.  My main tip is to keep it simple!  If it’s complicated people will give up before they are done and that is money lost.

Send form


When I create a Facebook for sale post I include the link in the post… quick and easy.  If someone PMs me and asks to buy it I send them the link… quick and easy!  You can also send the form via email.  There are also social media buttons for Google+, Facebook and Twitter where you can share the form…I have not played with these as much but have planned to do so and will let you all know how it went.

I will create a post specifically in-depth on setting up a form for those of you that may not be able to look at the sample and visualize what you need to do!  Please make sure to comment below if you are having problems seeing how the form can work with your product.

Step 2:

Someone completed your form!!  Now what?

Forms is pretty neat because it  gives you options.  You can set it to let you know via email when someone completes your form!  I love seeing those emails!  It’s also nice because unlike Facebook I don’t really have to do anything with it RIGHT NOW!!  Facebook users are in it for the RIGHT NOW! So in a Facebook post if you are trying to keep up with everyone who is putting “SOLD”  you may lose people…if you send them to your awesome order form their need for immediate action is taken care of which means you can get to it on your time.  That being said don’t waste your customer’s time…I try to invoice within an hour of a form being completed.

When a form is completed, or multiple forms, you can go back to your Forms Dashboard and view them. You can choose to view them in 2 ways:

  1. Individually: This works well when you only have a couple of submissions
  2. You can export them to a SPREADSHEET!  I love my spreadsheets!! And once you have the forms create a spreadsheet it will automatically add the new form submissions to the same sheet!  I love the spreadsheet because I can sort and get more info on patterns (like what color is most ordered etc…)  I can also pull all the emails and do a group invoice from PayPal without having to type each one out separately!

Step 3:

Follow up and Order Fulfillment

Yeah!  You have a bunch of people who filled out your pretty form!  Now what?  Well some of that depends on your style and your customers.  Here is what I do!

When I have a new batch of completed forms I send the invoices through PayPal (you guessed it!  Topic of an upcoming blog post!  Gotta keep you interested!) and then contact the customer via PM to let them know that I have sent the Invoice.


Then I sort the spreadsheet to get the info that I need in order to fulfill the orders.  This is where the time-saving come in…before I was sorting and writing and going back through PMs and the posts to make sure I have all the info.  Honestly I lost orders or mixed up details and made people the wrong item.  This is also a time saver when making sure you have all supplies on hands to get things done!

Lastly I print each order form!  Yes this wastes paper but it is my order form. I goes through the process with that customer’s order every step of the way.  For example I cut the vinyl for the customer’s goes into a file with the order from on the front so I know what color base to put it on in the next step. ORGANIZED and EFFICIENT!  They are also nice to be able to make notes on as you go.

That’s it!

There are so many uses for this cool free tool!  Please go to the sample form play around in it!  Create your own form and send it to yourself, friends, family members and get their feedback!  Keep it SIMPLE!  Please comment below and let me know how you are doing getting Forms working for you on Facebook!  Thanks all!


4 thoughts on “3 Steps to Improved Sales on Facebook Using Google Forms!

  1. You said you don’t need paypal to send money. How does that work. I usually have them send me etransfers but I can’t send an invoice that way.


    1. Hi Sandra! You can send them an invoice from your PayPal account. When they click to pay it the PayPal login page will pop up and they will also have an option to pay with a card. If you want to see an example o can send you an invoice.


      1. Oh cool. I didn’t know that. Another question for you…I sell multiple items from signs to apparel to mugs and what not. Would you make a different form for each item?


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