FREE Project Tutorial: Bottle Opener Signs!

These are quick little projects that even someone with  minimal experience working with wood can accomplish!  You have probably seen these around with a box built in or a jar hanging from it…I have not done that and mine sell just fine.  I may not be able to price them as high as the others but my costs are low enough that I still make a good profit!  This is pretty much an all inclusive tutorial as I give you as much information as it can on where to get your supplies! Let’s get started!


  • 1×6 Common boards:
    • These come in different lengths usually starting at 5 feet and are fairly standard at most Home Depot / Lowes type of stores.
    • Cut these down to size…I like to do mine 12 inches long (Home Depot will generally make cuts for you but it is different from store to store).
  • Wood Stain or Paint:
    • Wood stain comes in both oil based and water based.  Water based dries faster…if you choose oil based you will need to make sure it’s completely dry before trying to adding vinyl.  Drying time depends on the temperature and weather as well.
  • Wall Mount Bottle Opener:
    • The silver openers I found at Home Depot for $5 each.  Some locations will have black as well.  I know that there were some at Hobby Lobby as well but don’t remember the price (we don’t have those in my area)Bottle
    • I have since switched to these openers that I found on Amazon.com.  The ship free which is great because they are super heavy iron!  I like these much better for my wood colored boards. The cost approximately $1 . 65 each (shipped in batches of 10)
  • Vinyl:
    • I like black matte vinyl on these.  The matte black seems to give them a cleaner look and people are amazed it’s vinyl.

How To:

Cut and Stain:

Like I said before Home Depot will usually cut wood for you.  If not a miter saw is an awesome saw to have!  It’s easy to operate and doesn’t take much space.  You can usually fine them under $10 0   (if you have a Harbor Freight check there).

Sand the wood smooth and don’t forget the edges and sides.  Stain per the package’s directions.  I use  cotton t-shirt rags to put on my stain and remove the excess.  The more you wipe off the shorter the drying time.


Attach the bottle opener to the top center of the board about 1 / 2 – 1 inch from the top…I eye ball it.

NOW measure the space you have to put your design on.  Do not go in and cut your design at 12 inches and then assemble your boards.  It is always safe to get the hardware on and then double check what size to cut your design.  Don’t assume that the design comes pre-sized you alway should double check.

These are my favorite designs for the boards:RCD WaterMark

Apply your vinyl and you are pretty much done!  I do not include hanging hardware with these.  I advise people get the Command Strip Picture hanging strips and put at least 3 on the board to secure it.

I sell my Beer Opener Signs for $15 each but should have asked at least $20.  Make sure to look around and see what a comparable price is in your area but don’t leave any money on the table!!  Thanks so much and let me know in the comments any tips you have for others and/or if you would like to see more tutorials!  Thanks all!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I only provide links to reputable companies with the best prices I can find.  These are companies that I personally use. I do receive a small commission when you purchase through these links.

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