Life is About Passion and Helping Others!

When I was given my first vinyl cutting machine it sat…for a long time…in the box! Yes I was one of those people who was too intimidated to even start.  One day I did  take it out of the box and that is when the love affair started!

I started by buying designs to use but quickly found a passion for creating my own unique designs.  I love being able to create something from start to finish…design…cut…apply …make it pretty!  Lucky for me there are people that also love my designs and I have been able to start selling them to help supplement our household income!

I also use my designs on a daily basis for finished products that, up until recently, I mainly sold through Buy/Sell/Trade groups in Facebook.  It was a huge learning curve and I lost money at first but then I figured it out!  I want to HELP YOU figure it out too!